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  • 1. Study & Analysis Project Information

    Study and analyze project information in order to prepare an architectural program that best fits the owner’s requirements.

  • 2. Conceptual Design

    The opening of Inter-Continental Hua Hin Resort, the family’s first step into real estate development, set new standards for luxury travel in Hua Hin.

  • 3. Design Development

    Coordinating with other designers: civil engineer, mechanical engineers or landscape planners in order to develop the design not only to reach the standard but also seeking for the best design for our client.

  • 4. Permit & EIA Documents

    Dealing with permit drawings and documents

  • 5. Construction Documents

    Completing construction drawings and documents for the construction process

  • 6. Construction Process

    During the construction, we will continuously coordinate with contractors for the best quality, and verify completion of works in order to make sure our clients have a perfectly completed building.

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